Splashtop has released its Mac client for Splashtop Remote Desktop. It allows Mac users to enjoy Mac-to-PC and Mac-to-Mac remote access from a private network or across the Internet.

“With our new Mac client, not only can Splashtop Remote Desktop users access their computers, but they can enjoy such features as the ability to run PC games and software remotely on a Mac with full HD and audio,” says Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop.

You can download Splashtop Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store at a discounted price of $9.99 for the launch week.

He says it also enables users to:

° Access important files or photos on another computer without worrying about syncing, converting or compatibility issues;

° Use MS Office, Silverlight and other Windows software without having to install it on a Mac;

° Play HD movies and music from a central media libraries without the hassle of transferring files;

° Run graphic-intensive PC games on a powerful machine and play them from a portable Mac;

° Watch HD videos streamed from a PC or Mac at up to 30 frames per second;

° Access the latest IE browser to view ActiveX enabled websites from a Mac.

Splashtop Remote Desktop also eliminates the need to transfer, convert or sync files and multimedia among devices. It’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.