New Features Increase Performance, Enhance Synchronization and Provide
Greater Access to Data Anytime from Anywhere

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 19, 2008 – Kerio Technologies Inc., a provider
of award winning Internet security and messaging software, today announced
the release of Kerio MailServer 6.5. Kerio MailServer is a leading solution
that allows organizations to deploy secure, highly available,
collaborative, flexible messaging and calendaring with minimal
administration. The major enhancements include a cross-platform CalDAV
server and expanded Kerio Outlook Connector.

Kerio MailServer’s CalDAV server is the first CalDAV implementation to
address the lack of interoperability in businesses with mixed platforms.
Other calendaring systems limit businesses to certain calendaring
applications, inhibiting collaboration and business. Kerio MailServer is a
bridge translating proprietary and open calendar standards for multiple
scheduling solutions, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage,
Apple iCal or Windows Mobile and Palm Treo smartphones.

“With the robust CalDAV offering built into Kerio MailServer 6.5, every PC
or Mac user in a collaboration-centric organization has the freedom to
choose virtually any calendar application to schedule and accept meetings,”
said Michael Osterman, Osterman Research. “In today’s dynamically changing
market, interoperability between proprietary and open standards is critical
for growing organizations where people use tools of choice to achieve their
goals.” “As a key member of the CalConnect consortium, we contributed to
the CalDAV protocol initiative, an open calendaring standard in the
industry. Due to our deep expertise with proprietary and open groupware
protocols, we have added the ability to connect MAPI and CalDAV
environments, enabling calendaring interoperability among Windows, Mac and
Linux,” said Martin Viktora, CTO of Kerio Technologies, Inc. “With our high
performing Kerio Outlook Connector, we are the only competitive alternative
available to replace Microsoft Exchange for the SMB market. Our solution
removes the burden of Exchange and provides innovative groupware

The enhanced Kerio Outlook Connector, Kerio’s extension of Outlook,
synchronizes email with Kerio MailServer, and provides users with total
access to email and PIM data. Groupware information saved in the new
offline data store enables mobile Outlook users to easily transition
between locations with and without Internet access. The local data store
significantly improves the full-text search capabilities. This new search
option allows users to instantly locate messages using keywords in the text
or subject header either directly inside Outlook or using Google Desktop.
The Kerio Outlook Connector supports Outlook XP, 2003 and 2007.

“Kerio MailServer 6.5 provides the Outlook capabilities that users demand,
without the hassle of managing Exchange,” said Chris Saylor of The Ncisive
Group, an IT consulting firm serving the midwest in Kansas and Missouri.
“Kerio’s enhanced support for Outlook’s groupware client makes critical
data immediately accessible to our field technician and sales people while
they are on the road.”

Kerio MailServer provides direct connectivity with Microsoft ActiveSync
enabled mobile devices such as Windows Mobile, Palm Treo, and Symbian. The
solution delivers innovative mobile groupware functionality, anti-virus and
anti-spam protection, user management through Active Directory or Open
Directory and integrated automatic backup and archiving.

Kerio MailServer 6.5 achieved the highest quality standards with the
Certification for Windows Vista. The certification designates
KerioMailServer 6.5 as an application that has passed rigorous testing for
reliability, security, compatibility to run on Windows Vista and future
operating systems.

Pricing and Availability

Kerio MailServer 6.5 is immediately available on the following platforms:
Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5
Leopard. The base license for the product includes 10 user accounts and
starts at $499 for the standard version or $599 with integrated McAfee
Anti-Virus for bi-directional scanning of all email. For more information,
please visit:

About Kerio Technologies

Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies Inc.
provides Internet messaging and firewall software for small to medium sized
businesses and organizations worldwide. Kerio is headquartered in San Jose,
California, and has offices in Great Britain and the Czech Republic. Kerio
is a member of CalConnect, a calendaring and scheduling consortium as well
as a premier member of the Apple Developer Connection. The company has 500
business partners in 76 countries. Technology partners include McAfee, Inc.
(NYSE: MFE), IBM Corporation (NYSE: IBM), and Notify Technology Corporation
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