Prosoft Engineering Announces the Release of Drive Genius 2

Pleasanton, CA – February 12, 2008 – Prosoft Engineering, Inc. announces
the availability of Drive Genius 2, the award-winning hard drive
maintenance utility for the Mac.

“We=92re excited for this major new release to the already wildly popular
Drive Genius,” says Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft. The new release is built
upon the same award-winning foundation as the original Drive Genius.
Improvements have been made to speed and overall performance as well as
full support for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). “One of the most noticeable and eye
catching changes is the all-new user interface,” says Greg Brewer, CEO of
Prosoft. “We previewed it at Macworld San Francisco last month and it was
once again our most popular product.”

Drive Genius 2 – Maintain, Manage and Optimize your Hard Drive Drive Genius
2 is a disk utility with a wide array of features that allow you to
maintain your hard drives; disk defrag, directory repair and re-partition
on-the-fly are only a few of the award-winning features found in Drive
Genius 2. Optimize your drive to improve speed and performance with Drive
Genius 2.

Drive Genius 2 is available to purchase online at for $99 and at Apple Stores, CompUSA, Fry’s
Electronics, ClubMac, MacMall, Other World Computing, MacConnection and

Current owners of Drive Genius can purchase this upgrade for $59 at

About Prosoft Engineering

Prosoft is a software publisher/producer focused on data recovery software
and utilities to protect your data. We pride our company and products on
trust, service and ease of use. Prosoft has distribution partners
throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.