— Revolutionary New Speech Recognition Solution for the Mac with
Unprecedented Accuracy Makes Using a Mac With Your Voice Easier Than Ever —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 15, 2008 – Macworld Conference and Expo
2008, Booth #607 — MacSpeech, Inc. today debuted MacSpeech Dictate, a
revolutionary new speech recognition solution for the Mac.

Now for the first time, Mac users can begin dictating straight into their
applications with very little time spent training the software to recognize
their voice. Training MacSpeech Dictate, up to a 99% accuracy level,
generally takes less than five minutes. MacSpeech Dictate performs at the
highest accuracy level on the market today. Using the new MacSpeech
Dictate, user-spoken commands are recognized separately from dictation,
liberating the user from the need to tell the software to change modes,
simplifying the experience.

“MacSpeech Dictate empowers Mac users to create documents with their voice
instead of typing,” explained Andrew Taylor, president and CEO of
MacSpeech, Inc. “MacSpeech Dictate delivers fast set-up, quick command
recognition, high accuracy and increased productivity, even for those using
MacSpeech Dictate simply to make their life easier.”

“Apple’s commitment to accessibility is evident throughout Mac OS X,
including such ground-breaking features as VoiceOver, our built-in screen
reader,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “We’re delighted that Mac OS X users now have access to advanced
speech-to-text dictation technology from MacSpeech, which nicely
complements VoiceOver.”

MacSpeech Dictate delivers a truly Mac user experience, and conforms to
behaviors already familiar to Macintosh fans worldwide. Beyond dictation,
MacSpeech Dictate lets people perform basic navigation of their Mac and
control it with their voice using familiar commands like print, cut, copy,
paste, etc. The underlying speech recognition and dictation technology is
powered by dictation technology from Nuance Communications, Inc. (see
related release, dated today).

Far beyond empowering people for whom keyboard input proves problematic,
MacSpeech Dictate is designed to simply make computer input easier for
anyone. Whether composing email, writing a report or even a novel,
MacSpeech Dictate makes the computing experience more comfortable.

MacSpeech, Inc. today began conducting live demonstrations of the new
MacSpeech Dictate product in Booth #607 on the Macworld Expo show floor.

Compatibility, Availability and Pricing
MacSpeech Dictate requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher, and requires
Intel-based Macintosh hardware.

New MacSpeech Dictate solutions with a choice of headsets, will be priced
starting at US$199 and is expected to ship by February 15, 2008. Registered
customers of iListen will be eligible to purchase MacSpeech Dictate a
special crossgrade price of US$99.

Upon distribution of MacSpeech Dictate to retail outlets, the iListen
product will be immediately discontinued. Anyone who purchased the
MacSpeech product, iListen, in 2008, can crossgrade to MacSpeech Dictate
for US$29 through April 15, 2008.

About MacSpeech, Inc.
MacSpeech, a Mac-only company dedicated to producing the finest speech
products for Macintosh, celebrated its ten-year anniversary throughout
2007. Further information on MacSpeech can be found at