iSale 5 Revolutions the Processs of Creating Online Auctions on the Mac

equinux introduces iSale 5 with a new
Research Assistant, a Template Editor, Facebook Integration and many other
new features

San Francisco, USA (Macworld Expo) – January 15th, 2008: During the 2008
Macworld expo, equinux accounced the upcoming release of iSale 5, the fifth
generation of its award-winning online auction manager for Mac OS X. iSale
5 boasts an intuitive research assistant for text descriptions and picture
themes, a template editor for all auction templates, and the ability to
manage multiple libraries, to archive auctions.

Fine-tuned User Interface and Template Editor

iSale 5 comes with a brand new user interface, designed perfectly for
Leopard, making it easier to manage and create online auctions. To ensure
each user’s highest satisfaction, iSale 5 comes with a Template Editor that
allows users to edit and change all 222 auction templates, already included
with iSale. The new Text Engine controls the formatting of the text, and
offers a larger scope of design.

iSale 5 includes an easy-to-use research assistent, to make gathering
information about products and creating auctions easier than ever before.
The Web Research plugin helps the assistent to collect article information
from various websites, as well as other eBay auctions. The research
assistent can also import information from FileMaker and Delicious Library.
The plugin then stores all information and pictures in a visible clipboard,
making them easy to use for future auctions.

Manage and Archive Auctions

Anyone who wants to let his contacts know about any upcoming auctions, can
post running auctions on his Facebook profile. And iSale 5 makes it
possible to manage multiple libraries, allowing users to archive old
auctions. In addition, iSale 5 has a number of new functions that
seamlessly integrate into Mac OS X 10.5. iSale 5 even supports the Calendar
system from Mac OS X 10.5, making it easier than ever to manage auctions,
and it shows a preview of any auction in Finder’s QuickLook.

Price and Availability

iSale 5 upgrades will be available at the end of January from $19.95*
(19,95 EUR incl. German VAT). All iSale purchases from today on already
include a full license for iSale 5. Customers who have purchased iSale
after December 15th, 2007 will receive a free upgrade to iSale 5. Full
version licenses for iSale 5 are available from $39.95* (39,95 EUR incl.
German VAT).

* Local taxes may apply

About iSale

With iSale equinux addresses any Mac-user whishing to create money-making
auctions on eBay. This eBay certified auctioning solution for Mac offers a
huge variety of integrated template layouts and the possibility to create
own templates. Established eBay features like item specifics, eBay-style
preview, category listing, eBay store, auction status and after-sales
management is included. iSale also seamlessly integrates in Mac OS X and
includes the iSale Widget, Spotlight, Mail and iCal. Most importantly,
iSale received the Apple Design Award 2006 in the most important category:
“Best Mac OS X User Experience” and in 2005 iSale was honored with the
Apple Design Award as a runner-up for the “Best Use of Mac OS X Tiger

About equinux

equinux (, located in San Mateo, CA (USA) and headquartered
in Munich, Germany, develops and distributes successful Mac solutions for
professionals and consumers alike. Today users from all over the world rely
on equinux’ award-winning and trusted applications. The business solution
VPN Tracker is the market-leading VPN client for the Mac OS X Platform.
iSale, equinux’ successful eBay auctioning solution won several Apple
Design Awards, and currently represents the 2006 winner in the most
competitive category “Best Mac OS X User Experience”.