AEC Software’s FastTrack Schedule 9 Helps Turn Green Resolutions Into Green

As organizations prioritize eco-responsibility, AEC Software furnishes
tailored tools to ensure successful green projects

Sterling, VA and San Francisco, CA — January 15, 2007 – AEC Software, a
leading developer of project-focused and business productivity solutions,
announced today at the 2008 Macworld Conference and Expo the availability
of green project-specific templates to help project managers more
efficiently plan, present, manage and complete green projects on time and
within budget.

Implementing green initiatives is much easier said than done. By providing
its customers with both a feature-rich project management tool and sample
project templates, AEC Software hopes to help organizations save time,
money, and resources — while improving adoption and follow-through in
their green plans.

Simple to use but powerful, FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is the leading project
management software for planning, tracking, and visualizing project goals.
Available in a Leopard-ready Mac version and a compatible Windows version,
FastTrack Schedule is ideal for both experienced and first-time project

“We use FastTrack Schedule at every stage of implementation — from
pre-production, recording, post-production, mastering, manufacturing and
distribution — all with an eye toward making certain that everything was
green, particularly with packaging, selection of vendors and distributors,”
said David Ruttenberg, Producer of Courtyard Music, LLC. “The software had
an incredibly simple learning curve, is very intuitive, and is unbelievably

“Our team is using FastTrack Schedule to manage a $2M project involving the
development of a commercial-scale solar electric system we’re working on
with the city of Bend, Oregon,” said Douglas J. Parsons, CEO of SunEnergy
Power Corporation. “The software’s feature set is extensive, yet simple to
apply. It’s also been excellent in helping us more effectively communicate
with the various project stakeholders.”

The development of project templates is part of AEC Software’s wider
initiative focused on facilitating and championing customer efforts to go
green. AEC Software is also currently running a “FastTrack Schedule Green
Project Contest” — soliciting user submissions describing how FastTrack
Schedule has helped individuals, teams or companies plan and manage “green”
projects. The contest ends on January 18, 2008, and the winner will be
announced on Monday, January 28. Details surrounding the green project
contest can be found at:

“It’s no secret that companies across all industries are seeking ways to go
green. What they are finding is that this isn’t just a matter of adding
recycling bins — it takes careful planning and requires cooperation across
many departments. If companies want to ensure success on their green
initiatives, they need a plan of action,” said Dennis Bilowus, President
and CEO of AEC Software. “FastTrack Schedule is a tool that can help
managers make their intentions to go green a reality. It’s easy to use, and
with green-focused templates, it’s even more intuitive for organizations
that want a ready-made pathway for planning, tracking and ultimately
completing green projects.”

Other benefits customers experience using FastTrack Schedule for managing
green projects include:

* Visual timelines and plans make it easy to get on the same page from the

* Collaborative interface eliminates need for unnecessary printing and
paper waste during planning

* Clear delineation of responsibilities adds accountability and leads to
stronger team commitment to going green

* Transparency when tracking progress prevents bottlenecks

* Increasing the speed of green initiatives reinforces employee’s sense of
corporate social responsibility as priority and boosts morale.

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