Vine Adds International Keyboard Support and Delivers a Richer User Experience

New York, NY., USA — December 18, 2007 — Redstone Software, makers of
Eggplant — the industry-leading automation and testing tool for
replicating the end-user experience, today released Vine Viewer and Vine
Server, version 3.0 — a feature-rich and well-supported Virtual Networking
Computing (VNC) solution for the Apple Mac OS X operating system — touting
the addition of international keyboard support as a significant advancement
of the technology.

Vine Viewer, a client-side product, enables users to access and control
remote computers from anywhere in the world including computers running
other operating system where a VNC server is running. As increasingly
tech-savvy consumers continue to advance in their use of technology, many
are utilizing more than one computer system both at home and in the
workplace. Through connecting over the Internet, local network, or modem to
modem, Vine Viewer offers the solution for remote system administration,
telecommuting and family technical support, while also extending to the
business by enabling remote helpdesk management and support.

In addition to the features found in previous releases, Vine Viewer 3.0
adds international keyboard support, a full-screen mode of operation and
support for Windows UltraVNC server login enabling users to log in using
their Microsoft username and password. It is fully compatible with Mac OS X
10.5 — Leopard.

“Vine Viewer is a VNC solution that can connect to any VNC server on any
operating system and we have received very positive feedback on this
product. But, until now, it lacked international keyboard support that
limited our ability to support the needs of the global market,” said
Christopher Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software. “We are also very
pleased with the addition of a full-screen mode of operation for Vine
Viewer. It will give users the appearance of sitting in front of the remote
screen and will improve their user experience.”

Vine Server, Redstone Software’s freely available VNC server, also receives
a make-over with a new simplified interface that makes initial setup
extremely easy while still supporting server setting customization through
the preferences panel. Automatic keyboard type detection and Unicode
keyboard support has also been introduced. In a departure with past
versions of Vine Server, version 3.0 is the first release that is not
backwards compatible and requires customers to be running Mac OS X 10.4+.

“When we originally released Vine Viewer as a stand-alone product to
complement our freely available Vine Server offering we sought to simplify
and improve the way people went about using more than one computer at a
time. With version 3.0 we believe we have made significant progress in
accomplishing this objective for people throughout the world,” said
Christopher Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software.

Vine Viewer is available for trial and purchase from Redstone Software’s
website (
Redstone is offering a special introductory price of $30 (normally $35) on
Vine Viewer for new customers and an upgrade price of $15 (normally $20)
for existing customers through December 31, 2007. Vine Server is freely
available and may be downloaded from Anyone who purchases
Vine Viewer will also be entitled to purchase Redstone’s Eggplant Green or
Purple products within six months after the date of purchase, receiving a
100% credit for Vine Viewer.

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