Prosoft Engineering Announces Full Leopard Support for Data Backup 3.

Pleasanton, CA – December 12, 2007 – Prosoft Engineering, Inc., the
developers of easy-to-use, award-winning utilities, today announced that
the latest version of Data Backup 3 now fully supports Apple Computer’s Mac
OS X Leopard operating system.

“Data Backup 3 offers a lot of features that Time Machine from Apple has
left out,” said President, Greg Brewer. “Many Mac users are finding that
they want more features and more control over how they back up their data,
and Data Backup 3 is the perfect choice for them.”

Data Backup 3 is available for purchase online at and at Apple Stores, Other World Computing, and
other Macintosh software retailers.

Current owners of Data Backup 3 will be prompted via the auto-update
feature when they open their Data Backup 3 application. This is a free
update for current Data Backup 3 users.

About Prosoft Engineering
Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. specializes in creating
professional quality software designed to be easily used by both novice and
expert users. Prosoft started out as an engineering services company doing
contract development work for Apple and most key Mac OS developers. Today,
relying on mega-hit products like Data Rescue, Drive Genius and Netware for
Mac OS, Prosoft is a major software publisher/producer with distribution
partners throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Prosoft Engineering,
Inc. is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. Please visit the website at