Leopard-Savvy Default Folder X 4.0 Brings
QuickLook Previews and a New Look to File Dialogs

(Blacksburg, VA — December 12, 2007) St. Clair Software is very
happy to announce the immediate availability of Default Folder X 4.0,
a significant upgrade to its award-winning utility for enhancing Open
and Save dialogs.

Version 4.0 arrives with a new, modern interface to complement
Apple’s many changes in the Mac OS X user experience. It also brings
great enhancements to Open and Save dialogs, leveraging Leopard’s
QuickLook technology to provide zoomable previews in Open dialogs and
refining its ability to add Spotlight comments in Save dialogs. While
the previous version of Default Folder X worked with Leopard, version
4 has been revamped to improve the user experience and truly
integrate with it, including supporting 64-bit applications such as

“We’re excited to deliver Default Folder X 4,” said Jon Gotow, St.
Clair Software’s president. “The new look and feel are great, with
everything integrating smoothly in Leopard and Tiger. The improved
speed, large previews, and support for Finder labels will be a real
productivity enhancement for our customers.”

This release also brings many small changes and fixes across the
board. These include better support for Japanese, and solutions to
compatibility issues with Microsoft Office, Mail, Graphic Converter,
Amadeus Pro, TagBot, YummyFTP and other applications.

Highlights of the changes in Default Folder X 4.0 include:

– Full compatibility with Leopard, including support for 64-bit
applications such as Xcode.

– A smooth, HUD-style user interface.

– A new preview window that floats below all Open dialogs. The
window uses QuickLook to generate preview images, displays file
information such as size, creation and modification dates, and
allows you to see and change Finder labels, Spotlight comments,
file permissions, and other attributes.

– Full-screen previews by clicking on an image in the preview window.

– The ability to set the Finder label color along with Spotlight
comments in the Save As dialog.

– A new “Reveal in Finder” command that allows you to locate the
selected item in a file dialog using the Finder.

– Numerous compatibility fixes.

More information about Default Folder X 4.0 is available through the
following URLs:

Details about Default Folder X 4.0 (with download links):

Default Folder X product page:

Direct download:

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Default Folder X 4.0 is a $14.95 upgrade for existing users of
Default Folder X who purchased their copies before June 1, 2007. The
English version is available now. Localized French, Danish, Japanese
and German installers will be released shortly.


Awarded Macworld Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best System
Enhancement Utility, Default Folder X makes OS X Open and Save
dialogs “work the way they should,” according to Macworld’s editors.
Default Folder X makes it easier for you to manage files by adding
features and correcting flaws in the file dialogs of all Mac OS X

Default Folder X lets you:

1. Navigate through folders with menus. You no longer have to
navigate one folder at a time. With Default Folder X’s hierarchical
menus, you can quickly descend through multiple levels of folders
without clicking your time away.

2. Open from or Save to windows you have open in the Finder. Simply
click on the window you want and the Open or Save dialog will display
that folder. If you can’t click on the window you want, a popup menu
lets you choose from any window you have open in the Finder.

3. Quickly go to recently used and favorite folders. Default Folder
X’s menus track folders you’ve used recently and give you fast access
to your favorite folders. And you can assign command keys to your
favorites to get to them even faster.

4. Rename, delete, archive, and get information on files and folders
without leaving a file dialog. Default Folder X provides many useful
commands so you don’t have to leave the Open or Save dialog to do
something basic like renaming a file.

5. “Rebound” back to the last item that you selected in a folder.
You no longer have to hunt through a list of files for a particular
document you were working on before. Choose Open from the File menu,
and it’s already selected.

6. The Finder integrated. When you really need to do more with a
file or folder, you can make Default Folder X tell the Finder to open
the same folder shown in an Open or Save dialog. You can also assign
hotkeys to your favorite folders to open them in the Finder instantly.

7. Set a default folder for any application. The first time an
application presents an Open or Save dialog, the contents of the file
dialog may show your Documents folder or some other location that’s
not where you want to be. With Default Folder X, you control the
initial location shown in Open and Save dialogs.

8. Make better use of Spotlight. Apple introduced Spotlight and
Smart Folders in Mac OS 10.4, but there’s no way to easily add
keywords and comments to files as you create them. Default Folder X
fixes this by letting you enter Spotlight comments and set Finder
labels when you save a file.

9. Get a better preview. Apple only gives you previews in column
view, and only in one size. Default Folder X gives you more,
offering previews in Open dialogs when using column, list, or icon
view, and in whatever size will fit your screen. And if you’re
running Leopard, Default Folder X uses QuickLook to offer previews
for a wide array of file types.

Default Folder X will operate on any Macintosh running Mac OS X
version 10.4 or higher, including Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), and is
compatible with both PowerPC- and Intel-powered Macintoshes. Default
Folder X is distributed as shareware, requiring a $34.95 registration
fee for use beyond a free 30 day trial period.

St. Clair Software, based in Blacksburg, VA, is a privately held
company that has been specializing in utilities and custom software
solutions for the Macintosh since 1988. St. Clair Software can be
contacted at: St. Clair Software, P.O. Box 10184, Blacksburg, VA
24062-0184, USA; (http://www.stclairsoft.com/);
(mailto:info@stclairsoft.com); fax: 540-552-5898.