MicroNet Announces compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”

December 11, 2007- Torrance, California- MicroNet Technology, an innovator
in storage solutions, certified the compatibility of MicroNet/Fantom Drives
products with Apple’s , Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard.” The following products are
fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5:

* Fantom Drives Titanium II family
* Fantom Drives G-Force Megadisk USB, Triple Interface, eSATA+USB
* Fantom Drives G-Force SCSI and FCAL RAID Arrays
* Fantom Drives Titanium Mini
* MicroNet SR4
* MicroNet PlatinumRAID (All models)

Behzad Esghieh, CEO of MicroNet Technology said, “This is just a part of
our ongoing commitment to the Mac community.” MicroNet Technology, the
first manufacturer of disk arrays for the Mac Platform, opened its doors in
1988. Today MicroNet remains a leader in storage technology for the Mac
Platform, with customers working in graphic design, digital pre-press,
audio and video professions.

As part of the support for the OS, all of the above Fantom Drives and
MicroNet USB, Firewire & eSATA drives are compatible with Time Machine, the
exciting new backup suite coming with Mac OS X 10.5. Joe Trupiano,
Director of Marketing for MicroNet Technology, spoke candidly on the
subject of Time Machine, “Backup is the most important role of a storage
product; there’s no warranty in the world that will cover your memories.”

For customers looking for continuous backup functionality over the network
Fantom Drives also offers the Award-winning NTI Shadow software, which
allows real-time, continuous backup in addition to scheduled backup to
virtually any storage device, and is fully compatible with Leopard as well.

About MicroNet Technology and Fantom Drives
Based in Torrance, California, MicroNet and Fantom Drives manufacture a
full range of data storage solutions for a wide range of customers. From
the affordable Titanium line of desktop products to high-performance RAID
and NAS solutions. MicroNet and Fantom Drives continue to lead the
industry in quality, performance and value. Their award-winning storage
solutions include Titanium disk drives, SANcube FireWire Storage Area
Networks, the miniMate and the Platinum family of personal storage. For
product and reseller information, contact MicroNet Technology and Fantom
Drives, at phone: 310-320-7272, fax: 310-328-0202, or on the World Wide Web
at www.micronet.com