Announces FileDefense

New utility stops viruses, trojan horses, malware, and network services
from accessing personal information and data without permission.

Union City, CA. November 29th, 2007 — Inc., a software
company focusing on system utility and data recovery software, announced
the availability of FileDefense 1.0 today. FileDefense is the first line of
defense in file access. It provides an easy-to-use interface to lock down
files and ensure any unwanted access on your computer is not permitted.

FileDefense provides security second to none. It stops viruses, worms,
trojan horses, malicious scripts and network services from accessing
personal information, passwords or any other data without your permission.
When a program unknown to FileDefense is accessing files, FileDefense
automatically alerts you to accept or deny the activity. Every single file
the application opens is questioned, giving you full control of whether to
allow the application to access the document in question, thereby limiting
the damage an application can do if it is malicious. To allow an
application to access the data, simply click “Allow” when prompted.
Alternately, you may just “Kill” the process to stop any suspect activity.

FileDefense is extremely easy to use and comes with a customizable list of
trusted applications. To add a new application to the trusted list, simply
drag and drop the icon of the new application to the FileDefense window,
thereby allowing the new application to access any document without
triggering FileDefense.

Unlike anti-virus applications that are only limited to preset file
definitions, FileDefense includes features to give you flexibility and
control in stopping viruses, worms, malware, trojan horses, malicious
scripts, network services, and other unwanted access to your documents.

o Drag and drop to add trusted applications or services.

o Full and complete control of file security.

o Invisible when running trusted applications or services.

o Ability to temporarily disable FileDefense for application installations.

o Supports Tiger (10.4.x) and Leopard (10.5.x)

For more detailed information on FileDefense, please visit

MSRP $69.95 plus shipping for CD version, or $59.95 for download version.

System Requirements for Macintosh:

o System 10.4 or higher

o Macintosh CPU with G3 or above

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