New Windows Software Update also Adds Citrix Networking Support
For Multiple Users in an Office Environment or Remote Settings

TORRANCE, Calif. – Nov. 14, 2007 – Seiko Instruments USA, the pioneer of
the one-label-at-a-time “smart” printer, has added a new web camera
software feature to its flagship line of Smart Label Printers (SLPs) –
making Seiko the first company to integrate image capture into its label
printing application software. With the new web camera feature, SLP users
can now capture pictures directly from an attached web cam device to create
custom labels with text, photos and clip art for visitor name tags,
security guest badges and inventory identification.

The newly released Windows version of the SLP software also adds support
for users working in a Citrix (Nasdaq:CTXS) networking software
environment, where all applications reside on a central server accessible
to all users of the network. With integrated Citrix software support,
multiple users in a single location can now print over the network to a
shared SLP. Better yet, remote users now have the option to print labels
locally or to a printer installed at the main server location.

Citrix currently delivers applications to users in more than 200,000
organizations worldwide, including nearly all of the companies in the
Fortune Global 500, as well as hundreds of thousands of small businesses.
“Being on the forefront of new printing applications is something
on which Seiko Instruments prides itself,” said Dennis Cox, director of
sales and marketing, Business and Home/Office Products Division, Seiko
Instruments USA. “It’s our goal to be constantly expanding the number of
applications for our Smart Label Printers and to continue to provide
additional uses for our customers.” Seiko Instruments SLPs, with
integrated web cam software, are ideal for an unlimited number of security,
temporary identification and inventory applications.

In a corporate, government or health care environment, lobby security
guards can easily capture an image of persons entering a building and print
a visitor name tag on the spot. For added security, the guard can also
track when visitors arrived, where they went in the building and when they
left, using bar code time and date information retrievable from popular
database programs, such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server.

Organizations that require temporary IDs, such as day care facilities or
personal fitness clubs and gyms, can produce day passes complete with photo
ID. Educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, could use
this for temporary identification during student orientation and/or
registration, while grade school teachers and chaperones will find the
SLP/web cam combo useful simply to keep track of who’s who on a field trip.

Jewelers, auto parts dealers and other businesses that need to keep track
of a lot of different items can use the integrated SLP web cam software to
organize inventory by taking pictures of individual cartons or the contents
of a storage container and label what is inside.

Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printers also allow users to create one label
at a time for envelopes, files, storage boxes, bar codes and a variety of
other office and industrial applications. The small footprint, desktop
printers can also make business and appointment cards for formal parties,
trade shows, conferences and other business or social events.
Compatibility & Availability

The new web cam software feature for Seiko Instruments’ Smart Label
Printers is compatible with three Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) web
camera models: Quick Cam Chat, Quick Cam Ultra Vision and Quick Cam Pro
900, as well as with ecamm’s iMage.

The SLP software versions 1.7 for Mac and 6.6 for Windows can be downloaded
at (
(Citrix networking software support is available for Windows 6.6 users only
and requires the SLP 6.6.1 driver.)

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