October 13, 2005

DropDV Announces AppleScript and Automator Support

DropDV Software is happy to announce that DropDV 2.0.12 includes support
for AppleScript and allows integration into Automator workflows. DropDV
converts MPEG video into DV format, thus making any MPEG video editable in
iMovie or any other DV format video editor such as Final Cut Pro, Final
Cut Express or Adobe Premiere. The convience of automated work flows is
making DropDV even more popular among both professionals and consumers

DropDV handles any MPEG file, including those from:
* TiVo, ReplayTV and EyeTV devices
* Sony MicroMV and other MPEG camcorders
* Digital Video Recorders
* DVD-R Video Recorders
* DVD-R Camera Recorders
* Digital Still Cameras with MPEG support
* Any other MPEG files your may have

DropDV is simple and easy to use. Just drop your MPEG files onto DropDV
to convert them into DV video streams. After conversion, your video is
already imported into an iMovie project and ready for you to edit. After
editing with iMovie, creating a DVD is just a few clicks away using iDVD.
DropDV also enables you to edit your MPEG files using Adobe Premiere,
Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express or any other DV video editing system.

To use DropDV with Automator (or any other AppleScriptable application),
create an Automator “Run AppleScript” action that contains the following

on run {input, parameters}
tell application “DropDV”
open input
end tell
end run

As an MPEG to DV conversion tool, DropDV offers many advantages:

* A Simple, drag-and-drop interface
* Creates projects compatible with iMovie
* Uses high quality bicubic scaling for the best video image
* Full YUV pipeline (no conversions to RGB)
* Converts both video *and* audio into DV format
* Supports both NTSC and PAL output
* Supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Program Streams, Transport Streams
* Splits output DV files for iMovie compatibility (optional)
* Will convert VCD, DVD and any other MPEG file into DV format

A free trial version of DropDV is available for download. A registration
key to remove the watermark from this trial version costs $39.99. Upgrade
pricing of $19.99 is available for registered users of DropDV 1.