We’ve just released Easy Barcode Creator 1.9r, a free update for all owners
of Easy Barcode Creator. New purchases are $128.00. Here’s the download

Mac OS X: http://www.easybarcodetech.com/downloads/ebc.sit

Windows: http://www.easybarcodetech.com/downloads/ebc.exe

Easy Barcode Creator makes creating barcodes easy on a Mac or PC: just
choose the barcode you want, type the value, and transfer it to
Illustrator, Photoshop, or other applications in vector EPS format. It’s
the perfect tool for graphics designers who need an easy way to make
barcodes, without a hassle.

This update has enhanced support for transferring barcodes Adobe Creative
Suite 2.0 applications, support for 2 character additions to EAN-13
barcodes, and initial support for barcodes representing 13-digit ISBN
barcodes. In future releases, we’ll expand upon the 13-digit ISBN
functionality to offer prefix entry options and check digit calculation.

We’ve also added ScanReproduce, which lets you use an Easy Barcode Reader
to scan a printed barcode and save a copy you can use on your computer.
Just select the symbology and scan it into the content screen. Easy Barcode
Readers allow you to scan barcodes into any application, including Excel
and FileMaker:


Stay tuned for new hardware products and updates to Easy Barcode Creator,
coming soon from Easy Barcode Technologies!