Mariner Software Announces StoryMill 3.0

Company to Republish Novel Writing Software

Minneapolis, MN – Nov 06, 2007 – Mariner Software, developers and
publishers of professional and personal software and Return Self Software,
today announced their republishing agreement of the popular novel writing
application, Avenir. The product will make its public debut with the
introduction of the new title under the Mariner brand and major update,
StoryMill 3.0, in January 2008. StoryMill is the latest release in Mariner
Software’s award-winning line of writing and creativity software.

Described as part word processor, part database and offering an
industry-first “timeline view” feature, StoryMill provides the tools
writers need to manage the creative process from inception to publication.

“StoryMill supports the Mariner software philosophy of high usability at an
affordable price, while providing a new and needed service to aspiring
writers. We are delighted to include StoryMill as the newest member of the
Mariner Software family.” said Michael Wray, President of Mariner Software.
“StoryMill coaches aspiring authors on multi- level writing methods, while
seasoned professionals will appreciate StoryMill’s time saving features and
its ability to manage the creative writing process using Smart Views. Built
from the ground up for OS X, StoryMill 3.0 is a groundbreaking tool that
unlocks the mysteries and empowers every writer.”

“With the ability to track, tag and filter characters, scenes and
locations, StoryMill offers an innovative way to harness and fine tune the
creative process.” said Todd Ransom, President of Return Self Software.
“Combined with interactively displaying your story across time with
StoryMill’s industry-first timeline view feature, we feel confident this
product will become an essential tool for anyone with a story to tell.”

Pricing and Availability:

StoryMill 3.0 will be available, for sale and trial, in early January on
the Mariner Software web site at ( The
shipping version will initially be offered in English, French, and German
and sell for $49.95USD. Support for more languages is expected in the near
future. Visit ( for more information.
StoryMill 3.0 requires Mac OS 10.4 or higher.

About Mariner Software, Inc.

Mariner Software, Inc., developers of the industry-recognized products,
MacJournal, Mariner Write, Mariner Calc, Montage, WinJournal, and now
StoryMill, has established itself as one of the most diverse leaders in
consumer, business, and educational writing and creativity markets for the
Macintosh and Windows platforms. With customers worldwide, Mariner Software
is committed to delivering the highest quality software, with an emphasis
on total customer satisfaction.