Valuable tips for the protection of digital rights

During CeBIT Asia 2007 our workshop, “Protection Against Piracy”, had more
participants than last year

Karlsruhe – Interest in the topics of IT security and intellectual property
protection has clearly increased, as evidenced by the experience of
Wibu-Systems AG, a leading German manufacturer of hardware based protection
solutions for software, documents, access control and media. For the second
year in a row, Wibu-Systems organized a workshop during CeBIT Asia with
support from the trade fair producer. It was attended by more than 60
participants; a substantial increase over last year. This year the focus
was IT security and the protection of software, documents, media as well as

Professor Yue Wu spoke about the diverse expertise of the Jiaotong
University in Shanghai which is famous for its competence in the special
subject of IT security. Mr. J=F6rg Heil, C.E.O. of Hartung Consult in
Shanghai, reported about IT security in the SAP environment. Mr. Oliver
Winzenried and Mr. Hailiang Li of Wibu-Systems took the opportunity to
inform the participants of new security technologies and demonstrated its
effectiveness by examining actual case studies involving the protection of
digital content. The technical solutions they discussed are based on a USB
device that uses high level encryption to increase the security of
intellectual property. This solution not only brings license management
features to software authors, it also brings a “personal security suite” to
users. The suite includes security tools like password vaults and personal
file encryption.

Oliver Winzenried, C.E.O. and founder of Wibu-Systems AG, was very pleased
with the turnout. He observed, “The huge response for the workshop shows
that the combination of our speakers’ valuable knowledge; coupled with our
experience in protecting intellectual property provided the participants
with a good general overview of IT security and introduced them to some
very viable ways of securing digital content. In addition to CeBIT Asia,
the PTC Asia and the CeMAT trade shows also took place during the same time
frame. Exhibitors and participants from these two shows were also invited
to attend the workshop and many did attend and found the information
useful. The next scheduled event of this nature will occur in November of
2007, and will take place at the first Shanghai IT Day. Wibu-Systems will
participate in this exciting event with six other European companies and
the participants will be exposed to concentrated expert knowledge from
lectures about IT solutions and security for German and international
companies conducting business in China.”

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG was founded in 1989 by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus
Buchheit. The main focus is in the fields of Digital Rights Management,
software protection, license management, document protection and access
control. The company located in Karlsruhe has distributors all over the
world, offices in Seattle, USA, as well as in Shanghai, China, and sales
offices in Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.