FileWave (, which makes system lifecycle
management, has announced a free, time limited version of its asset
management suite FileWave Inventory.

You might have heard the announcement by Business Software Alliance’s
(BSA) regarding the expansion of its $1 million rewards program to
report illegal software over the Internet. In order to stop you
falling foul of this program FileWave is now offering their inventory
software suite for 60 Days for free. FileWave offers you the ability
to scan, check and manage all software-licenses in every environment.

FileWave Inventory is a database built around MySQL. The client is
available across Mac, PC and Linux platforms. It dynamically collects
all of the asset information about your hardware and software for
both your desktop and mobile computers attached to your network. The
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface allows different
applications to access data from the Inventory database or create a
report as CSV or an Excel file.