Zoho Brings Database & Reporting Online

Zoho DB Features Online Database along with Visual Data Analytics

PLEASANTON, Calif. — October 4, 2007 — Bringing the power of traditional
databases to people who work online, Zoho today announced Zoho DB.
Available at (http://db.zoho.com/), Zoho DB is an online database and
reporting application that blends database functionalities with visual data
analysis. For a video tour of Zoho DB, please visit

“With Zoho DB, we want to simplify data analysis based on your data in a
database. This is data analytics for the rest of us,” said Raju Vegesna,
Zoho evangelist. “We spent quite a bit of time and effort making a highly
functional, complex database and reporting application that’s online and
simple to use. What excites me even further is that it brings other
integration possibilities with existing Zoho apps to the table.”

On the last point, Zoho DB differentiates from Zoho Creator largely in its
backend flexibility and its data visualization capabilities. Zoho Creator
gives users tremendous flexibility in designing the user interface,
prompting users to describe it as the Web equivalent of Microsoft Access
combined with Visual Basic. Zoho DB offers similar flexibility in its
ability to manipulate and analyze the backend data.

Zoho DB Details

Zoho DB lets users easily create, share, and collaborate on database
applications and reports. Highlights of Zoho DB include:

* Familiar spreadsheet-like user interface for simple data manipulation and

* Support for data import/export from a variety of spreadsheet formats,
including .xls, .csv, and .tsv files;

* Drag and drop-based reporting and visual analysis, with support for
creating charts, pivot tables, summary views, and table views;

* Full-fledged SQL (Structured Query Language)-based querying of databases
for powerful and flexible reporting;

* Understanding of SQL queries/dialects from multiple databases — Oracle,
SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, and ANSI SQL;

* Databases, tables, and views can be shared in read-only or read-write
modes for collaborative development and analysis;

* Professional looking reports can be created and embedded into a Website
with simple copy/paste of code; and

* Highly scalable database with access from anywhere, anytime.

Vegesna continued, “Zoho DB can be adopted by a wide range of users who are
looking for an easy to use, flexible, secure, and scalable Web-based
database and reporting application. Spreadsheet users, desktop database
users, relational database users, and reporting/analytics tool users are
among those who will feel right at home with Zoho DB.”

Debut of Zoho DB

Initial responses to Zoho DB have cited the application’s ease of use as
well as its industry-first status in the competitive arena of online

Zoho DB Launched – Beats Google, Microsoft to Online Database

“Zoho is making a habit of one-upping their competition…”

Richard MacManus,

Zoho Adds Database to Online Suite

“It’s an impressive application, full of the features that users of
databases like Access are accustomed to. …DB can be used to create
powerful applications that can then be embedded in Web sites for real-time
data collection or display. It’s the kind of thing you just cannot do with
an offline app.” Rafe Needleman,
(http://www.webware.com/8301-1_109-9790617-2.html )CNet

Zoho DB Launches, Beats Google Docs to the Punch

“When the big G creates a product that competes with yours…how do you
compete? You either a) whimper in the corner and give up, b) try to sell
and cash in quickly or c) try to always be one step ahead. Zoho has been
taking the third route with their online office suite and they’ve been
doing quite well, with their products always being on a par with or better
than Google’s applications. … Zoho is still going strong, and with 13
online applications under its belt they clearly show that they’re ready to
fight Google’s office applications head on.”

Stan Schroeder, (http://mashable.com/2007/10/03/zoho-db) Mashable

It’s a Database. It’s a Spreadsheet. It’s Zoho DB.

“Zoho is adding another weapon to its arsenal today. … There’s a lot of
functionality built into Zoho DB, much more than I can explain…”

Mark Hendrickson,

Zoho Launches Zoho DB – It’s Like Access Only Better

“The easiest way to describe Zoho DB is that it’s an online version of
Microsoft Access with more features. I played with the tool for a bit
yesterday and found it to be robust and responsive.”

Allen Stern, (http://www.centernetworks.com/zoho-db-launches) CenterNetworks

Zoho Adds Database to Office Suite

“At this point, Zoho has the lead in the completeness of its suite versus
the other online suite makers–Google, Think Free and now Adobe.”

Dan Farber, (http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=6494) ZDNet

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