Christchurch, NZ – 2007 – Lucid Information Systems has announced LBackup,
part of their in-house backup system is to be re-licensed under the GNU
GPL. LBackup is now an open source command line tool. A simple backup
system aimed at systems administrators who require reliable backups with
minimum fuss.

LBackup is configured with configuration files and the backup is started
from the command line. The current version of LBackup has been tested for
over 2 years. Although this is pre-release beta software, the current
version is considered to be stable.

LBackup Features at a Glance:

* Designed for User Data Backup.
* Licensed under the GNU GPL.
* Full Backup Tree.
* Encrypted Backups (Transport and Storage).
* Email Reports.
* Hard Links (Saving Space).
* RSync Back-end (Reliable).
* Pre and Post Actions (such as mounting and un-mounting volumes).
* Automation.

LBackup is licensed under the GNU GPL. *NIX administrators looking for a
reliable open source backup solution with full encryption support, should
visit the official LBackup home page for further details or to download

Further details are available from the official LBackup home page