Sans Digital Introduces TowerRAID Series

Santa Fe Springs, CA – September 7, 2007 – Sans Digital, a leading provider
of high performance storage subsystems, today introduced its new TowerRAID
series that includes the TR4M SATA to JBOD enclosure and the TR4U SATA to
USB 2.0 JBOD / Spanning enclosure.


The TowerRAID TR4M is a compact 4-bay tower utilizing the latest SATA II
port multiplier feature, where one single eSATA cable connects to four
3Gbps SATA II hard drives. This unit comes with a 2-ports eSATA PCIe card
(HA-SAN-2ESPCIE) at no additional cost, which allows the connection between
two TR4M units (up to 8 hard drives) using only two cables. Supporting RAID
0, 1, 0+1, 5, 5+spare, spanning and JBOD using latest Silicon Image
SATARAID utility, this compact tower can virtually solve all the storage


The TowerRAID TR4U is a selectable hardware JBOD or spanning enclosure that
utilizes widely available USB 2.0 interface for storage expansion. The JBOD
mode allows the computer to see each individual hard drive, while the
spanning mode presents multiple hard drives as one combined drive. Various
combinations of JBOD and spanning mode can be used, making it an effective
way to expand storage using USB 2.0.

Both units feature hard drive bay cover, cable-less backplane, and
tray-free swappable design. Both models incorporated operating system
independent design with support for Linux, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP
and Windows Vista, and Mac OS X. “In addition to their market-leading
technology, the appearance of the TowerRAID series stays true to Sans
Digital’s contemporary and user friendly hardware design,” stated Grandy
Chen, Sans Digital’s Executive Vice President. “The TowerRAID series
introduces configuration flexibility to meet specific storage requirements.”

About Sans Digital

Sans Digital, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA is a provider of high
capacity, multi-functional advanced storage solutions. These advanced
storage solutions can be used for home offices, small and medium-sized
businesses, video editing, data backup, surveillance systems, and other
various industries. Our products provide great solutions for companies and
individuals across the world that need effective and reliable data storage.