Custom Ringtones for your iPhone via iToner

ROCHESTER, New York — August 31, 2007 — Ambrosia Software, Inc. today
announced the release of iToner 1.0.0, a utility that allows you to put
custom ringtones onto your iPhone! For the first time ever on Mac OS X,
easily transfer any of your MP3 or AAC audio files to your iPhone, and
enjoy them as custom ringtones.

Until now, getting custom ringtones onto your iPhone required invasively
hacking your iPhone with unpleasantly complex and laborious tools. With
iToner, simply drag and drop your favorite audio files onto the elegant and
familiar interface, and click the Sync button. Your custom ringtones are
instantly accessible from your iPhone! Even better, your ringtones will
continue to work with future iPhone OS updates.

Download a free trial copy of iToner now, and give it a test drive: