Caller ID, a new tool that displays information about the person calling
you before you answer the phone.


Apimac has released Caller ID, a shareware application for Mac OS X that
works in background and provides a visual alert to inform you about the
person currently calling on the phone. It’s a very flexible tool and
supports many options.

The benefits to use Caller ID

The Caller ID benefits are many: it lets you identify phone callers before
answering the phone; it alerts you to the source of annoying or harassing
calls; it lets you distinguish business from personal calls; it lets you
decide in advance how to answer and respond; it provides you security; it
alerts you to unwanted incoming calls.

How work Caller ID?

Caller ID uses your Address Book contacts to match and identify a phone
number. To receive the caller ID information, you need a modem or a
Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. You can also forward this information to
other clients in your LAN. Alternatively you can setup Caller ID to receive
the caller ID connecting to another running copy of Caller ID in your LAN.
The application works in background and can be automatically launched at
login. You can use its menu in the menubar to set its main options and to
access the Preferences panes.

Interaction with other applications

Caller ID can interact with other applications via AppleScript when a phone
call arrives. This opens a word of new possibilities to users. The
application comes along with some samples that shows as to create
AppleScripts and some ways in which this feature can be useful. Users than
can adapt these scripts or create new ones to fit their needs.

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