SEATTLE, WA — Aug 23, 2007 — Belltech Systems, a provider of software
solutions, today announced the release of v0.9 (Beta). is a web-based diagramming application that helps users
draw professional quality Flow charts, Process diagrams, Organizational
charts and more. Users can export diagrams as image files or print easily
on their printers.’s key benefits include:
-Sign up free with a valid email address.
-Login from anywhere to create or modify your diagrams.
-Draw Flowcharts, Process diagrams, Org charts and more.
-Share your diagram with others.
-Export your diagram as an image file (jpg, png, gif, tif etc).
-Print your diagram instantly on your own printer.
-No software to download and install. You just need a web browser with
Flash player.

Try the application before signing up: offers plenty of pre-designed shapes for creating
Flowcharts, Workflow diagrams or just a quick idea-map. It runs in your web
browser, so there is no need to download any additional software to use it.
By leveraging the latest rich internet application technologies, brings the look and feel of a desktop application to your
web browser. You experience the convenience of copy, paste, drag & drop,
resize shapes and more. Save, open or create a new diagram with the click
of a button without refreshing or reloading the webpage in the old
fashioned way. creates vector graphics where you can log
in, open your diagrams and modify them at anytime and from anywhere using
any web browser. You can create multiple diagrams.’s
diagram manager lets you rename, delete or create new diagrams.

System Requirements:
Platform independent. Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Unix. Internet Explorer,
Firefox or any web browser with Adobe Flash Player 9 installed. is under beta version and we invite you to create a free
account to use this diagramming application.

About Belltech Systems:
Belltech Systems, based in the Seattle area of Washington, helps businesses
and consumers become more productive through our powerful and easy-to-use
diagramming and printing software solutions.
For more information please visit: