MacSpeech Named Exclusive Macintosh distributor for Revolabs xTag

Salem, NH, August 16, 2007 — Macintosh speech recognition authority
MacSpeech announced today it has been chosen as the exclusive distributor
of the Revolabs xTag wireless microphone line of products to the Macintosh
community. MacSpeech recently certified the Revolabs xTag for use with its
top selling iListen speech recognition program.

“We are pleased to have MacSpeech, a renowned voice recognition company,
distributing our xTag wireless microphone product with their software into
the Macintosh environment,” said Gregory Shalov, VP of Sales for Revolabs.
“Our wireless mic combined with the exceptional MacSpeech software, offer a
powerful solution for voice recognition users. MacSpeech is the only xTag
distributor focused exclusively on the Macintosh community.”

To celebrate, MacSpeech is pleased to announce the new iListen Wireless
Solution, which includes iListen, a Revolabs xTag wireless microphone, and
the iListen Watch and Learn Complete Video Training CD. The iListen
Wireless Solution has a retail price of $389 but will be available for a
limited time for only $349.00. The package can be purchased directly from
the MacSpeech web site.

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