InfoSoft Global announces the release of FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker

InfoSoft Global introduces FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker, the professional
version of their FileMaker charting product. FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker
integrates flash charts with FileMaker environment and enables users to
create animated, data-driven charts within FileMaker solutions.

This professional version of FileMaker charting tool supports 44 chart
types ranging from 2D and 3D Line, Area, Bar, Column, Pie, Doughnut charts
to Bubble, Scatter, Radar, Logarithmic and more advanced types of charts
and graphs. The suite also covers Multi-Series and Combination charts with
dual Y-Axis. Chart properties like caption, labels, axes names, grids,
trend lines, colors, fonts and all cosmetics can be customized as per

The professional version also brings in FusionCharts Library, a collection
of useful FileMaker scripts that can be used to render charts in FileMaker
solutions. FusionCharts Team has developed demo FileMaker applications to
showcase the procedure of using FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker. Vivid
description of various features of FusionCharts is available in the Online
Documentation published by the team.

FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker uses built-in features of FileMaker and
Flash Player platform to render the charts. It just needs FileMaker Pro 8.5
(or above) and Flash Player 8 to work; no server software or external
plug-in is required. All information is saved locally; internet connection
is not required at all. Simple copy-paste installation is all to get
started with this FileMaker charting product.

FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker has a cost effective license policy. More
information on license and downloading no-restriction trial version is
available at: