InterMapper 4.6 Enhances QoS Monitoring

New Cisco IP SLA probe joined by features focused on proactive network

Hanover, NH, July 30, 2007 – InterMapper 4.6, network monitoring software
from Dartware, enhances its proactive network management capabilities and
ability to report on critical network devices and services with an new
Cisco IP SLA probe. “Our customers are particularly excited about the new
Cisco IP SLA probe that enhances quality of service monitoring,” says Rich
Brown, CEO of Dartware. The probe was developed by a long-time InterMapper
user, Dennis O’Reilly, Senior Network Analyst at the University of British

“InterMapper is the only network monitoring tool we use. We slice and dice
the network in many ways using over 100 maps that monitor thousands of
devices and go down to all Ethernet switches,” explains O’Reilly. A number
of those devices comprise a videoconferencing system that is heavily relied
upon by the University’s Medical School. O’Reilly created a custom probe
that uses SNMP to collect information from the RTTMON MIB in the agent. The
probe collects data on jitter, latency, and packet loss. Besides being
incredibly useful for monitoring and measuring QoS for VoIP and
videoconferencing applications, the probe also enhances:

* Service level agreement monitoring, measurement, and verification
* IP network health assessment
* Network fault management and troubleshooting

The new IP SLA probe is one of many externally created custom network
monitoring probes that Dartware has tested, packaged and included for
general customer use.

Other new features in InterMapper 4.6 include:

InterMapper Authentication Server (IMAuth) – The new IMAuth Server
dramatically simplifies password management for large organizations that
give InterMapper access to many technicians. It allows network managers to
use Kerberos, LDAP, RADIUS, ActiveDirectory, or IAS directories to
authenticate InterMapper users.

Updated probes for Apple Mac OS X servers – These probes will test Xserve
RAID, rackmount Xserves and the component services on Mac OS X server,
including Web, FTP, AFP, NAT, Print, and QTSS servers.

Auto-layout enhancements – New layout tools create attractive maps that
minimize line crossings and icon overlap after autodiscovering devices on
the network.

VLAN information – InterMapper displays the VLAN IDs for individual
interfaces of switches that support the Cisco or 802.1Q Bridge MIB.

New probes – In addition to the IP SLA probe, InterMapper 4.6 includes an
updated Barracuda spam filter probe, as well as probes to monitor
user-selected SNMP variables and to test Motorola PTP400 and PTP600
wireless equipment.

InterMapper network monitoring software supports and runs on Macintosh,
Windows, Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

About Dartware – – Dartware, LLC develops the InterMapper
family of network monitoring software. InterMapper earns quick return on
investment by proactively alerting administrators to potential slow-downs,
crashes, and other business interruptions. Its real-time, color-coded maps
and other displays provide users with an instant view of their network and
device status. Dartware’s software is installed in financial services,
healthcare, retail, education, government, non-profit, WISP and ISP
organizations around the world.