Remote Buddy 1.1 introduces iPhone support, turning it into the
ultimate remote control

JULY 11, 2007 – NUREMBERG, GERMANY – IOSPIRIT GmbH is excited to announce
the release of version 1.1 of Remote Buddy, its software for completely
controlling Macs via remotes. The new version introduces a beta version of
its all new AJAX Remote, which turns the iPhone into an amazing,
interactive remote control that redefines the term “remote control”.


Here’s a quick overview over the most important news of this release:

* AJAX Remote: based on a brand-new, built-in webserver engine,
offering quick and easy access to eight modules allowing remote
control of a Mac system through a web browser. Optimized for the
iPhone screen size. The modules:

+ Remote control (control Remote Buddy just like with a real

+ Trackpad (includes presenter tools, a mini remote desktop,
multiscreen support, mousespot and navigation in

+ Keyboard

+ Menu (browse Remote Buddy’s highly dynamic menu – including
its embedded UI elements!)

+ Music (browse local and shared iTunes music libraries)

+ Now playing (interactive “now playing” display showing cover
artwork and track details, allowing you to change ratings,
play/pause and skip tracks)

+ Movies (VIDEO_TS launcher with cover display)

+ EyeTV (view your recordings in EyeTV, zap between channels,
adjust volume)

* Simplified menu: all supported applications and many frequently
used actions are now organized in the top menu level by default,
providing faster access to Remote Buddy’s functions. The previous,
more hierarchic menu structure is still available and can be
returned to in Remote Buddy’s preferences.

* Improved support for the Bluetooth-based Sony BD Remote Control

A special focusing on the new AJAX Remote can be found at:

Two demo videos are available on the Remote Buddy website, giving you
a first overview of what is possible with this product. A complete and
detailed list of changes is available at:0

Read the complete announcement (in German and English) at:

or visit the new Remote Buddy website at:


Remote Buddy is a software, that takes the usability of remote
controls beyond a handful of applications to a level where the
entire system can be controled. Applications and system functions
are directly supported by so called Behaviours. They are
automatically selected depending on the current status of the
system and map their functions to the buttons of the remote

A press on the menu button opens the Remote Buddy menu. The menu
allows the manual selection of another behaviour as well as the
virtual mouse and keyboard, browsing the filesystem, opening
recently opened documents, adjusting volume and ratings, quitting
and starting applications, the display of information on recorded
programs, TV channels, cover art and the current mapping of the
remote control’s buttons. The menu structure is freely
configurable and can be varied in an unlimited number of profiles,
between which the user can choose depending on the current usage
scenario and its special requirements.

The mapping of the buttons is freely configurable on a global and
per Behaviour basis. Using the included Behaviour Construction
Kit, support for additional applications can usually be added in a
couple of minutes and existing Behaviours be extended with
self-defined actions. Special care has been taken in the design of
the Behaviour Construction Kit, so it is easily usable, including
for those without any programming knowledge. Developers, that want
to integrate direct support for Remote Buddy into their
applications, can download the free Remote Buddy SDK, which
contains a number of Xcode example projects.

You can find a compact overview with demo videos and many
screenshots at the Remote Buddy website at:


The full version of Remote Buddy 1.1 is immediately available for
Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”) and higher as a Universal Binary for only
19.99 Euro (approximately 27.50 US dollars). The prices are final
prices and already include 19% VAT for customers inside the EU. On
the hardware side, a Mac with keyboard or a remote control
supported by Remote Buddy is mandatory. A list of supported
hardware is available at

Remote Buddy does not include any of the controlled applications.
They have to be purchased and/or installed seperately. A trial
version can be downloaded at

There are no functional limitations during the 30 day trial
period. Remote Buddy is localized in English and German.


The IOSPIRIT GmbH has been founded in 2004 by Felix Schwarz with
the aim of developing high-quality software for the Mac –
low-priced, so everybody can enjoy it.

A special focus during development lies on the latest technologies
in Mac OS X, their innovative use, own innovations and industry
novelties – far away from outworn paths.

At the same time the IOSPIRIT GmbH is its own distributor. The
platform used therefore is an internal development – tailored to
the needs of the market – and therefore allows efficient and fast
processing of incoming orders and queries.