Amnesty Hypercube Moves Google Gadgets and Other Web Widgets To The Desktop

Washington, DC — July 10, 2007 — Mesa Dynamics announced today the alpha
preview release of Amnesty Hypercube, a free desktop widget platform
designed to release Google Gadgets and other web widgets (such as Flash
games and video) from the confines of the browser.

A web widget is a mini-application, often deployed as an HTML code snippet,
intended for insertion into blogs, homepages and social networking profile
pages. Amnesty Hypercube converts these web widgets into standalone desktop
widgets that live outside the browser. Amnesty Hypercube also can be used
to extend Apple’s Dashboard widget library by allowing its converted
widgets to be pushed into Dashboard with one click.

In order to simplify the widget discovery process, Amnesty Hypercube
features an extensive directory of over 150 web widget providers that can
be explored from inside the application. In addition, Amnesty Hypercube
easily imports any web widget from these providers with its “NoClick”
technology, which automatically creates a desktop widget when HTML code is
copied to the clipboard.

The alpha preview of Amnesty Hypercube for OS X is immediately available
for download at ( and requires Mac OS X
10.3.9 or later. The alpha preview of Amnesty Hypercube for Windows XP and
Vista will be available in August 2007.

Mesa Dynamics, LLC is a privately held software development company
specializing in innovative desktop applications, including the Amnesty line
of widget products, which the company first introduced in 2005.