MacUpdate is offering a Promo Bundle today with 10 Best Selling applications for US$49.99 (88% off retail price). The bundle includes: SRS iWOW ($19.99), GarageSale ($29.99), Cocktail ($14.95), ProfCast ($59.99), Amadeus Pro ($40.00), Fetch ($25.00), GraphicConverter X ($30.00), Little Snitch ($24.95), Intaglio ($89.00), and TechTool Pro ($99.99). The promotion works like this. As a community of buyers, your goal is to collectively reach 9,999 bundle sales before the end of the promotion. With each purchase, you move the blue status bar closer, unlocking products into the bundle as you go. Finally, when you reach 9,999 sales, the top tier TechTool Pro app is unlocked for you. Complete details are available from the site.