CommuniGate Pro gives Apple Users Complete End-to-end Unified
Communications Solution

Integrated Communications Suite Thrives on any Apple Server or Desktop,
Providing an All-inclusive Apple communications package — IM, e-mail, plus
Rich Media like Music, and Video

Mill Valley, June 28, 2007 — Touting a truly unified communications base
across any operating system, CommuniGate Systems, the leader in scalable
carrier-class Rich Media solutions, announced the first enterprise class
server and client communications platform for Apple OS X — giving faithful
Mac users the freedom to rid themselves of PCs entirely. The company’s new
Pronto! Dashboard brings together all forms of Internet Communications —
from e-mail and IM, to chat, rich media, and groupware — in a sleek, fast,
easy-to-manage, intuitive user interface.

With Pronto!, CommuniGate addresses an underserved market need in the Mac
world for high-performance, scalable, business-ready e-mail and
communication solutions. Pronto! provides unbeatable effectiveness across
OS X on both the server and client side. When installed on an Apple Mac
mini, CommuniGate can support 16,000 users — breathing new life into older
hardware platforms. By tapping into the power of Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex
2 technology, Pronto! provides an extremely stable and secure platform to
support even the most demanding, bandwidth-intensive tasks of ad agencies,
design houses, and other creative firms.

Easily scalable to support any deployment size, Pronto! promotes team
collaboration and increases employee productivity by unlocking e-mail and
other productivity tools from the desktop. Whether they’re in the office,
at home, or on the road, employees can access e-mail and project files,
schedule team meetings, and call colleagues directly from the integrated
Pronto! Interface. For maximum flexibility, users can access Pronto! from
any web browser without the need to install client software.

The launch of Pronto! provides a Rich Media interface for the CommuniGate
Pro Internet Communications platform, a performance-driven platform that
combines VoIP, data communications, and collaboration services. As the
industry’s most scalable IP communications platform, CommuniGate Pro
continues to set record benchmarks for performance and scalability. Pronto!
interfaces with CommuniGate Pro via the XIMSS API (XML Interface for
Messaging, Scheduling, and Signaling). This revolutionary API enables ISPs
and Enterprises to rapidly develop and design UIs, build portals, interface
with cable modems, and link to external applications and services — all
without any complex coding or protocol requirements.

Pronto! features include:

* Fully featured E-mail Application

* Calendaring

* Contacts management

* Secure Instant Messaging

* Presence

* VoiceMail Management and Calling Preferences

* RSS Feeds and management

* MyPhotos

* MyVideos

* MyMusic

* Portability to any Flash 9 Player on Windows, OSX, Linux

* Highly secure binary that runs in memory space not browser cache

The CommuniGate Pro Enterprise Suite, including Pronto!, is available
today, free for the first five users, making it a smart choice for small
businesses or the home office network. For installations over five users,
the CommuniGate Pro Enterprise Suite is priced starting at US$849 for 25
users. ISP and Carriers can contact
( for pricing information.

An animated demo of Pronto! can be viewed at
( For a
free live trial visit ( and
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About CommuniGate Systems

Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems
develops carrier-class Internet Communications software for broadband &
mobile service providers, enterprises, and OEM partners worldwide. Over 125
million subscribers including 45 million voice customers rely upon
CommuniGate Systems products for their voice and data communication today.
CommuniGate Systems is the most trusted & financially stable vendor which
maintains the highest customer satisfaction levels in the Rich Media
Communications industry. CommuniGate Systems provides flexibility,
performance, scalability, with the benchmark proven architecture that
remains un-challenged in the industry. Our open development environment
with simple APIs delivers extensible flexibility with a unique clustering
technology for 99.999% uptime for the most demanding application
environments. CommuniGate Systems has over 175 members in its partner
network worldwide.

Download CommuniGate Pro today and join the initiative to drive
interoperability of Unified Communications and convert nearly 2 billion
e-mail accounts to a single identity for all forms of Internet
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