Designed for “Chief Memory Officers” and active photo enthusiasts, Epson America today announced the Perfection V200 Photo, its newest consumer scanner featuring a high-quality 4800 dpi optical resolution — for US$99. Equipped with the ability to scan photos or film with just one touch, scan 3D objects with its high-rise 180-degree lid and offer features such as photo restoration and Advanced Digital Dust and Scratch Correction, the versatile Perfection V200 offers “remarkable results.” The Perfection V200 Photo features 4800 dpi optical resolution with 48-bit color scanning and 3.2 dynamic range for high quality scans of images, documents and objects with brilliant clarity and accuracy. Furthermore, its four convenient front panel one-touch buttons make it simple for users to scan, copy directly to e-mail or produce PDFs to facilitate sharing and archiving. Scanning to e-mail, copying and producing PDFs is easy and affordable.