Looking for a way to see how your web creations will look on iPhone?

Look no further. iPhoney gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing
environment–powered by Safari–that you can use when developing web sites
for iPhone. It’s the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone
development. And it’s free.

iPhoney is not an iPhone simulator but instead is designed for web
developers who want to create 320 by 480 (or 480 by 320) websites for use
with iPhone. It gives you a canvas on which to test the visual quality of
your designs. iPhacts.

iPhoney requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later. Here’s some of what you can do
with iPhoney:

* Test your iPhone-enabled Web 2.0 applications and compatible web sites.

* Open any website that works with Safari (use Safari 3 beta for the most
accurate experience).

* Rotate to see websites in either portrait or landscape orientation.

* Show or hide the location bar for a full-screen iPhone experience.

* Simulate the iPhone user agent, to test browser redirection scripts.


Why is iPhoney so big on my screen?
iPhoney is pixel accurate, meaning that it has exactly the same number of
pixels on its screen as iPhone. However, your display probably packs
between 72 and 96 pixels in every inch, where iPhone will have 160 pixels.
So iPhoney looks about twice the size of iPhone, but shows exactly the same
website content as you’ll see on iPhone.

Is iPhoney an iPhone simulator?
No, iPhoney only simulates web browsing in the visual shell of an iPhone.
It’s not meant to simulate the iPhone experience.

How do I pinch and zoom, like in the commercials? Unfortunately, right now,
you can’t pinch and zoom. However, we’re still working on iPhoney and will
be making it open source soon. Maybe this feature will find its way in, so
keep checking back 😉

Why don’t some of the buttons work?
Some features, like bookmarks and multiple screens (browser windows) aren’t
working in version 1.0. We’ve kept the buttons there so it looks like
iPhone, and disabled them appropriately.

Is iPhoney open source?
Not just yet–we’re setting that up and our plan is to open source it as
soon as possible.

Why can’t i make calls on this thing?
Buy a real iPhone!

Ready to try it?