When Your iTunes Says ‘No’ iPod To Computer Transfer Pro Says ‘Yes’

iPod2Computer Inc. today announces the immediate availability of iPod To
Computer Transfer Pro 2.5, an extremely easy to use utility for exporting
audio and video from your iPod to your Windows PC. The program also allows
quick synchronization of iPod’s contents with iTunes.

Each and every iPod owner sooner or later faces the need for getting the
contents of their iPod back to PC. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t provide
this feature at all. But there can be a number of cases when you need it,
for example, when some multimedia was lost after your formatting the hard
drive or when you want to make a backup of an entire iPod collection.
Taking these needs into account, iPod2Computer Inc. has developed an
optimal solution for quick retrieval of music and audio from iPod to PC and
for synchronizing it directly with iTunes.

iPod To Computer Transfer Pro stands out for having very easy-to-use
controls. The interface provides the familiar navigation experience as it
resembles the UI of iTunes. For your convenience the program can display
iPod’s contents in several ways, including by playlists. You can view
playlists to transfer multimedia to PC, as well as sync it with iTunes. You
can transfer multiple files at a time and use such features as sorting and
search. Sorting allows you to view files according to title, duration,
album, artist and genre while the advanced search engine will be of much
help for finding a certain file quickly.

The list of supported iPod models includes the most popular ones, such as
Video, Mini, Nano and Shuffle. Also iPod To Computer Transfer Pro v2.5
supports the latest iTunes version – 7.2. The software uses the Auto Update
feature, so you can be sure that whichever iTunes version you use, you’ll
have no compatibility problems. Additionally, the utility doesn’t require
..Net SDK or other libraries to work, just run iPod To Computer Transfer Pro
and use it right away.

If you’re dissatisfied with iTunes’ one-way transferring from PC to iPod,
then draw your attention to iPod To Computer Transfer Pro. It’ll claim back
your iPod contents. With it, saving iPod’s library back to PC or
synchronizing it with iTunes is a matter of few seconds. In case you
accidentally lost your music collection stored on your drive or want to
make a backup of your favorite tunes beforehand, iPod To Computer Transfer
Pro is what you need.

Pricing and Availability
iPod To Computer Transfer Pro runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows.
Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the
product, life-long free technical support and free upgrades. Further
information on iPod To Computer Transfer Pro, as well as a free trial copy
is available free of charge from http://www.ipod2computer.com.

About iPod2Computer Inc.

The company was founded in 2007 and specializes in the production of
iPod-to-PC synchronization software. iPod To Computer Transfer Pro is the
company’s premium product. For more information, visit the company’s site
at http://www.ipod2computer.com.