We are pleased to inform you that Cocktail 3.8 (Tiger Edition) has
been released. Version 3.8 is the biggest update to Cocktail in
almost two years and adds over one hundred new features, fixes and

The update is strongly recommended for all users of Cocktail (Tiger

Cocktail 3.8 (Tiger Edition) is available for download from http://

Cocktail 3.8 (Tiger Edition) is distributed as a Universal Binary and
runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Cocktail 3.8 (Tiger
Edition) requires Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server 10.4 – 10.4.9 and is
tested for compatibility with Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.4.9.

Cocktail is an award winning general purpose utility for Mac OS X. It
is a smooth and powerful digital toolset with a variety of practical
features that simplifies the use of advanced UNIX functions and helps
hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world to get the most
out of their computers. For more information about Cocktail, please
visit http://cocktail.maintain.se


What’s new in Cocktail 3.8 (Tiger Edition):


– Major interface improvements.
– Updated Cocktail Help.
– Improved Activity Log.
– Added possibility to join Cocktail eList.
– Added possibility to include Activity Log when providing feedback.
– Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


– Misc. New “Disable Sudden Motion Sensor” feature.


– Spotlight. Added possibility to enable/disable Spotlight indexing
of selected disk.
– Spotlight. Added possibility to erase Spotlight index for selected
– Databases. Improved rebuilding of Launch Services database.
– Databases. Added possibility to restore default file associations
when rebuilding Launch Services database.
– Startup. New “Startup delay” feature.


– Drag and drop support.
– Caches. Major improvements to cache clearing feature.
– Caches. New cache clearing options.
– Logs. Added support for Apple System, Crash Reporter, Software
Update and Window Server logs.
– Logs. New cache clearing options.
– Logs. Major improvements to logs clearing feature.
– Logs. Added “Display in reverse order” feature to Logs window.
– DS Store. Added possibility to prevent DS Store file creation on
network volumes.


– Optimization. New optimization presets for seven most common types
of connection.
– Optimization. Added possibility to modify kernel socket buffer size.
– Optimization. Added possibility to modify TCP slow link size,
NewReno Fast Recovery settings, UDP outgoing datagram size, UDP
receive buffer size as well as receive and send buffer sizes for
local stream sockets.
– Personal File Sharing. Added possibility to enable/disable logging
Personal File Sharing logs.
– Personal File Sharing. New “Send login greeting once for Non-
Guests” feature.
– Personal File Sharing. New “Disconnect idle users” feature.
– Personal File Sharing. Added possibility to apply disconnect message.
– Personal File Sharing. Added possibility to change TCP port for
Personal File Sharing.


– General. Added possibility to enable/disable “Open Recent” menu
item in the applications and to set number of recent items.
– Finder. New “Replace lists of users and groups in ownership
settings with text fields” feature.
– Finder. Added possibility to change number of label lines in icon
– Finder. Added possibility to hide/show miscellaneous menu items.
– Dock. New “Disable Dashboard” feature.
– Dock. New “Lock the Dock” feature.
– Safari. Added possibility to show/hide URLs of links in the tooltips.
– Safari. Added possibility to enable/disable PDF support.
– Safari. Added new “Number of days” option to “History limits”
– Mail. New “Check for new mail on launch” feature.
– Mail. New “View all messages in plain text” feature.
– Mail. Added new “Console logging” settings with fourteen logging
– Login. Added possibility to display Host Name, System Version,
System Build, Serial Number, IP Address, Directory Service Status, or
Date and Time in the login window.
– Login. Added possibility to show/hide Sleep, Restart and Shut Down
buttons in the login window.
– Login. Added possibility to enable/disable access to Darwin text
– Misc. Added possibility to show/hide debug menu in Disk Utility,
Sherlock, Back and Remote Desktop applications.
– Misc. Added possibility to enable/disable data verification after
burning to disc.
– Misc. Added possibility to show/hide QuickTime Player’s movie info
at launch.
– Misc. New “Point iTunes Music Store links to local iTunes library”


– Major improvements to scheduler.
– New cache clearing options.
– New logs clearing options.
– Added possibility to add custom AIFF (.aif, .aiff) completion
sounds to ~/Library/Sounds folder.


– Minor improvements to File System Browser.
– Minor improvements to Specifications.
– Added possibility to create mini, basic and full Profile Reports in
plain text or as XML file.