JAMF Software Announces Casper Suite 5

JAMF Software announces the release of Version 5 of the Casper Suite of
client management software for the Mac platform. With the features of
Version 5 added to the flexible Casper Suite, system administrators are now
able to provide the same high level of service and support to Mac end users
in the enterprise environment as users on any other platform.

“The needs of Mac users in large environments have driven many of the new
features added in Version 5,” said Chip Pearson, Partner responsible for
Strategic Development at JAMF Software. “The built-in compliance and
auditing frameworks and support for mass deployments allow both businesses
and schools to easily deploy and support thousands of Macs. We think the
tool set will speed corporate switchers to the platform and we are excited
to see the inroads Apple has made in large institutions.”

“The blazing speed of our Intel-based Macs, coupled with the reliability,
security and ease of use of Mac OS X are driving more people to buy Macs,”
said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“We’re thrilled that JAMF Software has released a new version of its
powerful Casper Suite client management software to make it even easier to
manage thousands of Macs.”

The Casper Suite provides complete life cycle management through inventory,
imaging, updating, and maintenance capabilities that make managing the Mac
client easy and automatic. The Casper Suite operates through a centralized
server and a single console interface, simplifying the work of Mac system
administrators. The Suite was developed for the Mac client running Mac OS X
and runs natively on both Power PC and Intel-based Macs.

With Version 5, new features center around greater scalability, compliance,
and pro-active maintenance. In an organization with 10,000 computers,
Casper now launches over 12x faster and generate reports over 75x faster.
Pre-staging allows system administrators to inventory a machine and assign
an image before the computer is out of the box, speeding mass deployments
by enabling machines to go from the loading dock directly to the end user.

Version 5 makes license and security compliance easier with improved
frameworks for audits and ongoing reporting that can define suites of
software and store license, registration, and purchasing information, which
is a gift to IT managers who need to know what software, fonts, and
hardware are being used in the organization. The system can provide up to
the minute reports and notify the administrator if the organization falls
out of compliance.

System administrators are granted greater pro-active support capabilities
through self-healing packages and email notifications when support
thresholds have been crossed. The Casper Suite Version 5 is a great fit for
both the commercial and educational organizations dealing with compliance
and policy issues, customized workstations, mobile users, and frequent

Version 5 of the Casper Suite includes:

* Self-healing packages
* Pre-staged imaging for mass deployments
* Network discovery and self-updating based on subnet
* License management and reporting
* New reporting framework with built-in PDF reports
* New Google-like look and feel of the JSS
* Greater scalability

To learn more about he Casper Suite, go to: www.jamfsoftware.com