MailTank has a ton of new features – literally.

An absolute ton of new function has been built in to MailTank recently.
Among them are rich statistical reports to help illustrate team and user
performance. MailTank now also supports Tags to help organize messages as
well as a new action link, Redirect, to help make sure messages go exactly
where they are supposed to go.

June is coming and along with June comes the iPhone. We could not be more
excited here, as MailTank’s entire feature set is accessible over iPhone.
As you know the iPhone is going to change the way we all look a mobile
phones and when it is coupled with the MailTank it should change the way we
all look at work too.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone, as I have been using
MailTank’s excellent mobile interface for years to work on the road or from
by the pool and with the extra features work will disappear in record time.
There are loads more features we have added, too many to list here so we
added a page to the website to help keep track.

You can now try MailTank before you buy. The first month for new customers
is free.