Kiel, Germany (May 16th, 2005) – turingart is pleased to announce the
immediate availability of a TrendyMac
1.2.6, a Universal Binary client-side Mac OS X web logfile analyzer.

TrendyMac is a web server logfile analyzer developed for businesses,
who need to evaluate logfiles in a simple yet powerful way.
Its default settings fit a broad range of typical analysis needs.

Recent changes

– Enhanced the user’s manual and included more details
– Added more ‘Special’ reports
– Included an FTP-feature, which downloads log-files using FTP from
within TrendyMac
– Fixed small bugs

General TrendyMac functionality:

– Processes (raw) text and GZIP logfiles in place (no need to unpack
GZIP logs first)
– Automatically skips duplicate logfiles (for raw and GZIP files
sharing a common base names)
– Allows to exclude URLs based on patterns (e.g. ‘.jpeg’ skips all
– Allows to exclude referrers based on patterns
– Versatile regular expression reports. Customizable. Set of useful
default patterns included.
– Evaluates search engine queries (Google, MSN, AOL and more)
– Evaluates visitors, requested pages, referrers
– Evaluates HTTP protocol, HTTP command and HTTP result code
– Prepares timely distribution reports based on day of week, hour,
month and year
– Allows to restrict reports to specific servers or periods of time
– Computes sum totals of hits and pages, as well as sub totals for
excluded pages
– Maps IP-adresses of visitors to domain names (FQDN)
– Allows to live filter reports using typical Mac-techniques
(Apple.Mail search fileld)
– Special IIS reports: Win32Status, HTTP status subcodes and HTTP
request execution times
– Google AdWords reports based on Google server domain and timely
– Google search query reports forwards based on Google server domain
and timely distribution
– Common, Combined, NCSA (short) and W3C log-file format processing
– Computes correct logfile format based on input data (no manual
setup required)

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