Zurich, May 14, 2007 — QuantumSoft (http://www.quansoft.com/) today
released pro Fit 6.1.0 for Mac OS X. This is a major upgrade of
QuantumSoft’s popular application for the analysis of scientific data
and mathematical functions.

The new version provides a powerful new tool for multidimensional
curve fitting, a revamped rendering engine for plots with native Core
Graphics, PDF, and postscript support, many powerful additions to its
scripting language, and more. pro Fit 6.1 is a universal application
running natively on both Intel and PowerPC systems, with a built in
compiler that also generates native Intel and PowerPC code.

pro Fit 6.1 is a free upgrade for anyone who bought pro Fit since
January 1, 2006, and is available for a reduced upgrade fee of USD 55
for all other users of pro Fit 6.0.

A more complete list of the new features of version 6.1 is provided at


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About pro Fit

pro Fit is a powerful application for the analysis, processing,
plotting and evaluation of numerical data and mathematical functions
on Mac OS X. It provides
– Several curve fitting and data analysis tools,
– Spreadsheet-based data editing,
– A drawing editor to complete and annotate data and function plots,
– Extensive programmability via a simple Pascal-based language or Applescript,
– Programmability for automating tasks, custom functions, and drawing,
– Export of animations and 3D models as QuickTime movies,
– Export of plots and drawings in several formats (pdf, eps, gif, tiff…).
– Extensive metadata support for easy categorization and searching of
pro Fit files.

QuantumSoft (http://www.quansoft.com/) was founded in 1990 by
physicists endeavoring to provide scientific solutions for the
real-world needs of the scientific and engineering community. All
developers at QuantumSoft hold a Ph.D. in physics and work in close
collaboration with top research scientists to fine tune pro Fit for
the real needs of real users.

For more information, see http://www.quansoft.com/