1Passwd 2.4 (code name Universal Login)

Toronto (Ontario, Canada) – Agile Web Solutions Inc. today announced a new
version of 1Passwd — the only password manager with anti- phishing
protection and automatic form filling for Mac OS X. The 2.4 release brings
support for saving and filling Apache login screens (technically known as
Basic Authentication login windows) as well as a new image based licensing
system. This upgrade is free to all 1Passwd customers.

What is 1Passwd?

* The most widely used password manager for Mac (according to MacUpdate,
VersionTracker and iUseThis websites).

* The only password manager with integrated Anti-Phishing technology.

* Automatic form filler with support for credit cards and multiple identities.

Basic Authentication Login Windows

Basic Authentication is a simple method of user authentication supported by
all popular web browsers. It is widely used in small private networks and
computer devices, such as routers. 1Passwd is the first Mac Password
Manager ever to support these login windows. Before 1Passwd, users would
need to copy-and-paste their username and password from their “password
vault” into the login window. With 1Passwd’s direct browser integration,
however, users can now login with a single click and share this information
between all browsers. Since 1Passwd uses the keychain to store all your
data, your information is secure, easy to backup, and automatically
available in all browsers.

A detailed description of this new feature is available at:

Graphical License Cards

1Passwd is also pushing other boundaries: it is the first Mac application
to use Graphical License cards for registration. Using images for licenses
is more natural and makes the registration process enjoyable.

A detailed description of the new Graphical License cards are available at:


1Passwd requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and is available for download from

A free version of 1Passwd is available; limited to 1 Identity and 12 Web
Forms. The full unlimited version is sold for $29.95 USD.