May 09, 2007: Charmas 2.0 more practical

Charmas, the practical tool for finding fonts and creating font catalogs
very fast, has now reached version 2.0. You can now also use external
font sources to find fonts much faster and print catalogs even when they
are not registered in Mac OS X already.

Here is a list of all enhancements in Charmas 2.0:

* External font sources can be used for wathing fonts or
printing font catalogs.
* GUI (Graphical User Interface) enhanced.

Font Finder:
* Search functions enhanced.
* Text presentation enhanced.

Font Book:
* Font Book layouts enhanced.
* New Font Book layout lists up to 22 fonts per page.
* On export in image format you can choose between various formats
and resolutions: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG and GIF.

Get your new Charmas 2.0 for only 29 EUR. You can upgrade from former
versions of Charmas for only 10 EUR.

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