today announced the public beta of N.E.D. (Nonlinear Educating Device). N.E.D, a software video player that allows users to search tutorial videos by keyword, present tutorial videos in full screen, or resize videos so users can work along with the lessons. Of particular note, N.E.D. now includes an integrated tutorial download manager that catalogs and downloads tutorial videos. This patent-pending download manager simplifies the process of transferring large, multi-video tutorial programs to the client computer by incrementally downloading tutorial videos in the background, while users watch videos that have already downloaded. N.E.D. also includes a new feature called “HyperLearn” that uses pitch transformation technology to increase the playback speed of tutorial videos without changing the sound of the lessons. N.E.D. public beta will run until the official release early in May. Until then, test N.E.D. and save 15% on all tutorial video programs using the following coupon code: NEDPublicBeta15.