Seattle, WA — April 14, 2007 — PowerSurge Publishing has just
released iWisdom version 1.40. Many of the improvements in this
release help to improve the appearance of quotations. Commands have
been added to add or remove enclosing quotation marks, either to a
single item or to an entire list. XHTML tags can now be embedded
directly into the body of a Wisdom item, giving finer control over
each item’s appearance. For display, iWisdom now automatically
converts normal “straight” quotation marks and em dashes to their
more typographically correct equivalents.

Other improvements in this release include: a Favorites menu and an
Import Sources link to aid new users in jump-starting their
collections of quotations; a separate window showing program tips,
aimed at new users; addition of Web Log and Web Page as valid Wisdom
sources; and the correction of a bug that would cause the program to
crash if it were removed from its normal enclosing folder.

iWisdom is a program that manages a collection of quotations or other
brief insights. The program tracks a rich set of data fields
concerning each bit of wisdom, including author, source, year of
publication, title and category. iWisdom allows you to view wisdom in
a list view (with optional sort fields), a category view, an edit
view, and a display mode, which you can use to randomly display a new
quotation at set intervals. iWisdom stores its data in the wisdom XML
format, and can publish a wisdom collection in HTML using a series of
included XSL templates and cascading style sheets. A sample of the
results can be seen at (

iWisdom is written in Java and is available for all major computing
platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, and virtually all versions of
Unix. A fully functional version of the program can be downloaded
from the PowerSurge Publishing Web site, at
( iWisdom is freeware. See the company
Web site for further information.