SeeFile Software today announced the latest version of its Web-based creative collaboration tool, which allows drag-and-drop uploads and Web proofing, is now compatible with EnFocus’ server workflow products, PitStop Server 4, and Automate 1. SeeFile allows the individual print production or creative group to harness the power of the Web in realtime, so that clients and collaborators can upload and process PDFs and other graphics files through an intuitive Web-based interface. SeeFile permits large media files simply to be saved to the local hard disk of a workflow server -– the software then automatically creates the thumbnails and watermarked previews, and displays them in a simple Web browser interface. These files and folders can be remotely accessed from anywhere on the Internet via standard browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. SeeFile 3.0 also introduces a range of advanced functions like side-by-side image comparisons, onscreen annotations, and color-coded collections for each user.