Eternal Storms Software today released a new version of GimmeSomeTune, an application that extends iTunes’ functionality. With GimmeSomeTune, you can download lyrics and album covers without having to do anything. In addition, it shows you iTunes’ currently playing song in a floating window, which you can hide with the push of a button, and it can as easily be brought back to the foreground. GimmeSomeTune offers the user a lyrics-window, which shows you the lyrics of the currently playing song. In this window, you can also edit the lyrics on the fly, and, if GimmeSomeTune can’t find any lyrics, look for them on Google. Changes in version 3.6 include: lyrics-fetching works faster and uses less memory; support for Internet radio and playing directly from CDs was improved and it will show covers and lyrics for these songs; and other bug fixes and improvements. GimmeSomeTune is freeware.