April 11, 2007 – Skype is pleased to announce the new and improved
Skype for Mac 2.6 Beta version. You can download this now at

Mac users have been asking for better quality and Skype has taken
action. By ironing out the little bugs that users have pointed out,
Skype for Mac 2.6 Beta boasts increased quality and stability. And as
Skype understands that even small things like handling birthday
reminders or other notifications are important for Mac users too, we
spent a lot of time streamlining the small stuff in this new release.

But that’s not all. Along with these improvements, the 2.6 Beta
version of this fantastic little piece of software includes a new
Call Transfer feature. Heck it’s not just new, it’s initially
exclusive to the Mac platform, with other platforms to follow. You
can now transfer ongoing Skype calls effortlessly to other friends
and family on your Skype contact list.

And here are some of the features that are now available on Mac that
were previously only available on Windows:

– Join public chats
– Chat typing indicator – see when others are writing a message
– Call any Skype Prime premium services provider and pay with Skype credit
– Automatic Updates — get new features and updates without having to
go to Skype’s website to download
– DTMF tones for automatic answering services available also during
Skype-to-Skype calls

To experience the splendid new Skype for Mac 2.6 Beta, all you need
is a broadband Internet connection and away you go. Oh, and after all
that bragging about quality, please bear in mind this is still a Beta
version. There may still be a few bugs to kill, but Skype is already
working hard on bringing you the super Skype for Mac 2.6 Gold version