RadTech today announced the availability of the BT400GL in-ear Bluetooth headset with noise-suppressing DSP technology, which it says is the world’s lightest and smallest with longest talk and standby battery life. The compact in-ear design injects sound directly into the ear canal, while blocking out extraneous sound and noise. Three sizes of ear tips are included which utilize the new Nano anti-bacterial rubber formulation which promotes good ear health by neutralizing bacteria and viruses on their stain-resistant, rubber-like surface. In addition, the BT400GL’s dual batteries and companion power cradle combine to deliver long battery life. The headset works with any phone or device supporting the Bluetooth audio, headset or handsfree profiles — versions 1.1 and 1.2. The BT400GL in-ear Bluetooth headset is available now in silver or pink for US$64.95.