Daystar Technology today announced that it is shipping the XLR8 400 MAChSpeed G4 IMTL Kit (US$99). This is a low-cost  G4 CPU upgrade kit for older iMac G3 systems. The “do it yourself” upgrade allows typical users  to transform their older 233-333 MHz G3 iMac into a 400 MHz G4 based system. The upgrade  allows the iMac to perform on par with early Power Macintosh G4 systems. The company notes: “Like the MAChSpeed Products for iMac G4s, all PowerBooks and the G3 Power Mac, the  XLR8 400 MAChSpeed G4 IMTL Kit supports all versions of Mac OS X. But, due to the lack of  Firewire on the iMac Tray Load systems, users will need to download and use the third party  enabler, ‘XPOSTFACTO’ to install Tiger (10.4) and the upcoming Leopard (10.5) OS packages.”