Other World Computing (OWC) today announced its new OWC Blu-ray internal and external drive solutions that are 100% compatible with any Windows or Mac system with an available IDE/ATAPI bay port (for internal drives), or any FireWire or USB 2.0 system port (for external drives). The Blu-ray drive solutions read and write Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-RAM, CD and virtually every optical media, and provide the advantages of Blu-ray, including high-capacity storage (up to 50GB per disc!) with write-once and rewriteable media at a speed up to 24X, full high-quality HD Picture, and Surround Sound capabilities. The drives are available bundled with full retail version of Toast 8 DVD/CD Authoring software from US$559.99 for internal drives (with standard ide/atapi interface) and from $649.99 for external drives.