TECSoft Announces New “Automator Workshop” Hands-on Training Classes

Learn Automator-Apple’s powerful automation tool-in TESoft’s “Automator
Workshop” training classes.

(East Hampton, NY…March 7, 2007) TECSoft announced today its new
“Automator Workshop” hands-on training classes. The one-day hands-on
training teaches participants how to quickly be productive with Automator,
and builds upon TECSoft’s extensive workflow automation and training

Automator is Apple Inc.’s powerful workflow automation application.
Automator enables the building of powerful automation solutions with
point-and-click simplicity, moving workflow automation into the realm of
every Macintosh user.

“Attending our intensive, leader-led, hands-on class is the best way
possible to quickly get started and be productive with Automator,” said
TECSoft founder John Thorsen Jr.

With TECSoft’s Automator Workshop training participants learn how to build
Automator workflows to automate just about everything done on a Mac.
Participants complete hands-on exercises building powerful, real- world
Automator workflows. Participants also receive Workshop Kits containing a
printed Workshop Guide, along with a CD full of useful Automator actions
and resources, including an eBook copy of Hanaan Rosenthal’s outstanding
“Discovering Automator.”

Dates and Locations for Automator Workshop
* March 26, 2007 10 am – 5 pm Chicago, IL
* April 12, 2007 10 am – 5 pm New York, NY
* April 16, 2007 10 am – 5 pm San Francisco, CA
* May 8, 2007 10 am – 5 pm New York, NY
* June 5, 2007 10 am – 5 pm New York, NY

For more information and to register call 800-626-4119/631-267-0700, or
visit http://www.tecsoft.com/training/automator/automator_workshop.html.

About TECSoft
Based in East Hampton, New York, TECSoft is the industry’s leading
Automator and AppleScript training and development firm. The company is led
by founder John Thorsen Jr. who has worked extensively with Apple to
develop content for trade shows, seminars, workshops and training classes.
TECSoft’s clients include Associated Press, Atlantic Records, Barrons, BMG,
Citibank, Nikon, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Sony Music and Time Warner.