SubRosaSoft Announces Free MacForensicsLab Training CD Free training
tutorial to learn about MacForensicsLab and forensic investigation

Union City, CA — February 21st, 2007 — Inc. is
proud to announce a free MacForensicsLab training CD. Learn to do a
forensic investigation using the most powerful digital forensic
program on the market, MacForensicsLab. Locate and catalog credit
card numbers, social security numbers, and child pornography with
ease. Zero in on suspect data with a few simple clicks.

The tutorial offers insight into forensic investigation and walks the
user through an investigation step by step using MacForensicsLab.
Learn to acquire a disk image of a suspect drive, catalog and analyze
the data and pin-point evidence. Find embedded files and deleted
files. View search history, wireless and Bluetooth connections, email
attachments, and much more. Then, once the investigation is complete,
create professional customized reports with a few simple clicks.

MacForensicsLab runs on Mac OS X but it can analyze almost any drive.
Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and more. The tutorial CD runs on both Mac
OS X and Windows so users of both OS’ can see the power of
MacForensicsLab. Contact Inc. now to get your free
copy today.

System Requirements

Training CD requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later or Windows XP or later.

MacForensicsLab requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or higher. For more
information on MacForensicsLab, please visit:

About SubRosaSoft Inc.

SubRosaSoft Inc is a Mac software company focusing on system utility
and data recovery software. SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves
around developing easy-to-use yet extremely powerful Mac OS X
solutions for file and device management, security, forensics, and
data and device recovery.

For more information, contact Inc. by email
at ( or (